I’m Dejan!

I like climbing, hiking, snowboarding … I’m also enthusiastic about .NET framework and I am using it in almost every project I am involved.

I have created low level applications using .NET Micro framework to high level Web UIs, covering between mobile, desktop and service platforms. I have gained knowledge crating desktop applications, using Windows Forms and WPF with Prism design pattern. I have done a lot of work in ASP.NET using Web Forms and MVC. Winning four contests in creating mobile applications, I have been actively following mobile development since Windows Mobile 6.1 and now progressing on Windows RT and now I’m creating a cross platform aplications using Xamarin and Windows Univesal Platform. I am a fan of MVC’s Web API, asynchronous programming with keywords async, await and portable class libraries. I have also acquired knowledge about controlling development processes and got familiar with various source controls, continuous integration systems and build automation tools.

Lately I’ve been outsourcing my knowledge and consulting about architecture and design patterns.

I’ve also written a book NuGet 2 Essentials with my friend Damir.

Here are some of links about my professional life.

This is my personal tech blog.

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